4 tricks to wake up hair growth


If the zero ball appeals to many people, baldness or alopecia remains a handicap for many people. Far from being affected by it, some people start to panic just by noticing that their hair no longer grows in certain places on their head. Don’t worry, it’s not irremediable. You won’t go bald overnight, it’s probably dormant hair follicles. You should know that even people with thick hair are not immune to this inconvenience. Whether through good nutrition or an adequate hair care routine, you can stimulate hair synthesis and activate growth.

Here are some tips to wake up the hair follicle bulbs and activate growth.

Nutrition and vitamins

A balanced diet has a definite impact on the health of your hair. If the blood lacks the necessary vitamins and trace elements, this greatly affects their appearance. Hair loses its strength, begins to fall out and becomes dull. Therefore, after the fall, the new hair completely refuses to grow. In other words, good nutrition is a source of vitality for our hair, which is essentially composed of keratin, a sulfur protein found in our dishes and which promotes the elasticity of the hair.

It is therefore essential to maintain a balance between fats, proteins and carbohydrates. You also need to get enough calories per day. For the shine and strength of your hair, bet especially on foods containing omega-3 fatty acids (salmon, sardines, tuna, flax or walnut oil, chia seeds, etc.) as well as vitamins A, E and C (melon, mango, eggs, almonds, dried apricots, margarine, vegetable oils, kiwi, peppers, oranges, spinach, etc.)

N.B: zinc is also essential to promote the process of keratin synthesis. In the case of certain alopecia, it helps to stop hair loss and contribute to growth. It is found in particular in fruits, vegetables, meats, whole grains, eggs, fish and seafood.

Head massage

It has long been proven that head massage has a very positive effect on hair growth. It doesn’t require any special tools, although you can actually find a whole list of specialized accessories online. Simply massage the scalp in the direction of the forehead towards the back of the head. The movements should not be too sudden, so as not to damage the existing hair. As a bonus, it is an extremely relaxing moment!
Care products

Of course, everyone has their own hair routine with shampoos and masks adapted to their hair and scalp type. However, using targeted care contributes to better hair growth. The oil bath with natural virtues surely remains the most effective solution for growing the hair fiber.

There are particular components in certain products that will really do the trick in waking up the hair follicles:

-Argan oil: it acts significantly against hair loss by stimulating the production of keratin. As a conditioner, apply it to the scalp and massage gently to make it penetrate well to the root bulb of the hair. As a bonus, this oil makes the hair soft, healthy, smooth and shiny.
-Ginseng extract: invigorating and anti-hair loss, ginseng is enriched with amino acids that help strengthen hair. This oil bath promotes growth by boosting the scalp, it makes the hair more resistant and gives it volume.
-Camellia oil: it is renowned for its protective and fortifying properties. It restores swelling and tone to the hair by sheathing the ends.
-Extracts of medicinal plants: castor, rosemary or basil are very popular herbs in hair routines. They treat and prevent hair loss, stimulate blood circulation to the scalp and even rejuvenate hair follicles.

After rinsing the hair, you must let it air dry to avoid attacking it with the heat of a dryer. Be very gentle when combing wet hair, as this can cause the hair follicles to be pulled out. In addition, under hot water, the pores are plagued by steam and the follicles then become very vulnerable. Experts also recommend rinsing your hair with cold water after applying the products.


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