Dental tourism in Hungary: Why choose this solution?


Quality dental care

In Hungary, the dental care offered is of high quality. Indeed, the dental clinics spread over the Hungarian territory are among the best in Europe. Whatever the dental care you want to perform, you are sure to find the professional who will be able to offer you quality services. The dentists who perform at these reputable medical centers are among the best in their class.

Better value for money

This is one of the main reasons why Hungary remains the most popular destination for dental tourism. Whatever the type of dental treatment, the prices offered are the most attractive on the market. For example, dental surgery or implant operations are two to three times cheaper than in Switzerland or France.

The most famous dental treatment in Hungary is dental implants. You have to pay around 980 euros to obtain quality care. This is not the case in other European countries. Discover in this guide to dental care in Hungary, useful information for better dental health. With this innovative solution, you benefit from quality dental care at very attractive prices.

A team of multilingual medical professionals

Language is not a barrier to benefit from dental care in Hungary. Indeed, dentists and their assistants speak most European languages. This makes it possible to establish a relationship of trust with the patient, whatever his nationality.

State-of-the-art equipment

To offer quality dental care, you need adequate equipment that goes with it. Thus, in Hungarian dental clinics, the accessories used are of high quality. The same is true for devices. Indeed, the latter are recent models and at the cutting edge of technology. It is not uncommon to find the major brands of dental implants in Hungary.

The possibility of reimbursement

Being a country of the European Union, dental care is also covered by social security. Once in Hungary, you must pay an advance. However, the third-party payment system is not available in Hungary. It is therefore the return to your country of origin that determines the refund.

Control of waiting times

To benefit from dental care, you must first make an appointment. This wait can last days sometimes months (3 to 6 months) in some countries of the European Union. This is not the case in Hungary.

Indeed, Hungarian dental clinics have an organization that allows rapid care. With this in mind, waiting times are better controlled and are approximately two weeks with the completion of the dental treatment.

For better dental health, dental tourism in Hungary is one of the best alternatives to save money.


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