Running: benefits and techniques to improve


Why go running?

It’s no longer a secret: physical activity is a great way to keep your body healthy and fit. Thus, the practice of running provides many benefits for the health of the runner.
Losing weight

A healthy diet is not always enough to lose weight. It is generally recommended to combine it with a sports practice. Running then remains the best alternative, especially if you haven’t done any sport for a while. When you run, your body draws on your fat stores to provide you with the energy you need to keep up the pace. This phenomenon allows you to burn a lot of calories and your extra pounds at the same time.

Moreover, if running is so unanimous, it is because it remains relatively simple and does not require equipment that is difficult to obtain. All you need is a sports bra like the Calvin Klein bra and good quality running shoes.

When you run, your heart is put to a lot of work and this keeps it in shape for a long time and limits the risk of respiratory diseases. In addition, running also helps you reduce your blood pressure and excess bad cholesterol. In addition, it is an excellent means of preventing cancer and type 2 diabetes.
Reduce stress

Running does not only act on the body: it also has virtues on the athlete’s mind. Running is an opportunity to take time for yourself, to clear your head and free yourself from all the pressure that your daily life can induce. Running gives you a moment of respite to decompress and soothe your mind and especially to let go from a psychological point of view.

In addition, this sporting activity also allows you to increase the strength of your mind, since it takes a lot of willpower to practice it. At the end of each session, you will feel the need to push your limits in order to achieve your goals as much as possible. Running is therefore an excellent way to improve your self-confidence and your self-esteem.
How to improve your runner level?

Like all sports, if you want to improve your running level, you will have to train regularly. For this, you must establish a rigorous schedule according to your daily tasks that you must force yourself to follow. However, there is no point in abusing your training in order to obtain results faster: pay attention to your body.

Three sessions per week are more than enough to work on your endurance, which is the key to successful running. The longer you are able to run at a regular intensity, the more you can progress and improve your level.


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