Why do you need to soak your fruits and vegetables in apple vinegar?


Carpets in our kitchens, many everyday products are not used optimally. If we learn to use it properly, we can avoid using chemical compounds that can be harmful to health. Among these foods that provide a plethora of benefits, we can count on the effectiveness of apple cider vinegar. Did you know you can use it 8 ways? By becoming aware of its multiple uses, it’s a safe bet that you will make it a major health ally!

1- Relieve cold symptoms

Winter or summer, we are not spared from the flu or other cold-related illnesses. And for this, apple cider vinegar is a particularly effective solution and we owe these mechanisms to its antiseptic action. When gargled or inhaled, the food prevents and relieves flu symptoms. Reason enough to include it in our natural “pharmacy”!

2- A natural deodorant

Sweating can sometimes be the cause of unpleasant odors. For healthy armpits, apple cider vinegar promotes great effectiveness due to its quality as an antibacterial ingredient. Reason enough to include it in your beauty routine.

3- To activate weight loss

In addition to a balanced diet and sustained physical activity, cider vinegar is a great dietary ally! And we owe it especially to the amount of fiber, elements to fight cravings, present in its main ingredient: the apple. According to this Japanese study, the consumption of apple cider vinegar contributes to the reduction of the body mass index (BMI) in the people studied.

4- To preserve your food

In the open air, some foods can degrade quickly due to the development of microorganisms. To counterbalance this effect, have you thought of apple cider vinegar? The acid solution has antibacterial properties that fight head-on against certain enzymes that compromise the preservation of your food.
vegetable vinegar

5- Whiten your teeth

Stained or yellowed teeth? This apple cider vinegar trick is then made for you! This solution is effective in fighting tartar due to the presence of acetic acid. According to this study, this ingredient has whitening properties on the enamel. It is enough simply to rub your teeth with a cotton soaked in this solution. However, care should be taken to use it sparingly.

6- Clean your house

Due to their chemical composition and certain endocrine disruptors, it is wiser to concoct your cleaning products at home. And this is a real boon for fans of natural solutions since cider vinegar acts as a formidable cleanser both thanks to its antibacterial and antiseptic properties! Pour a small amount into a water sprayer and spray your surfaces.
homemade vinegar

7- To treat foot fungus

If your nail is yellowed and damaged due to a resistant fungus, apple cider vinegar is a natural remedy. And for good reason, this ingredient has formidable antifungal properties. According to this scientific article, this fruity cousin of white vinegar is one of the natural home solutions to fight against this dermatological condition that damages the nail.


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