Why shouldn’t you use your phone while it’s charging?


It’s not appropriate to talk on the phone while it’s charging, but not as dangerous as you might think
When not to use the mobile phone while charging?
Recommendations for using the mobile phone connected to the power

The debate still rages on. Tests are constantly multiplying to try to determine whether talking on the phone while the device is charging is a dangerous action or not, both for the mobile phone and for our health. Over time, there have been dozens of hypotheses that agree to highlight the possible danger of an explosion. Although controversy is rife on the subject, and experts tend to reassure us, there is still no formal evidence to confirm or refute this theory. However, prevention is better than cure. In this article, we will try to clarify a few points.

According to experts in the field, there would be no danger of explosion if you use your mobile phone while it is charging. However, the possibility exists at all times, but only at an exceptional level.

In truth, there would be another reason that could dissuade you from doing so. This mainly concerns the battery. By using your mobile in full charge, it may overheat quickly, and therefore over time, its performance may decrease. In addition, overheating increases the risk of your laptop slowing down. In addition, it is recommended to use original or manufacturer-approved chargers.

In this regard, mobile manufacturers recommend letting the device charge for at least 10 minutes before continuing to use it. And if the device is compatible, opt for a wireless charger instead to use it normally.
When not to use the mobile phone while charging?

Mobile phones have become essential in everyday life. They are practical both for carrying out professional and academic activities, but also for leisure and entertainment. For this reason, it is common that the battery of the devices is one of the problems that worries us the most, since it is a way to keep us always connected.

In general, it’s best to let your laptop charge properly, to allow the battery to charge faster as well.

If this is not possible and it is strictly necessary to use it, try to open only essential applications. Likewise, if you notice that your device is heating up quickly, it’s best to close all apps and let it rest, or even turn it off completely until the charging cycle is complete.
Recommendations for using the mobile phone connected to the current
charge the phone

Configure charging optimization in phone settings
Make sure the power connection is working
Use apps that don’t consume too much battery.
Do not use headphones while charging.
Unplug it when the battery is at 100%, to prevent it from being damaged
Use original accessories in good condition.

Experts advise to turn off the cell phone while charging or at least, if you must keep it on, not to touch it or use it very lightly until it finishes charging.

Follow these recommendations given by the main Smartphone manufacturers to prevent the life of your battery from deteriorating over time.


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